In 2005, Karave received a loan from the US Defense Dept., of a crash test dummy. Years later, the moulds of that dummy would go on to be used in the creation of several foundry poured aircraft aluminum animatronic crash test dummies.

More than 30 artists in the USA and Canada, in the fields of sculpture, moulding and casting, sound, video, set design, digital design, interactive programming, and foundry arts, along with several actors and actresses, would collaborate to create the Home Automation project.

Karave would eventually create one of the most unusual robotic art installation/performances in the world - the final result - a life size metal crash test dummy family that reacts in a musical dance, to the color code threat alerts they experience on their projected home TV.

Mesmerize yourself in the world of an anxious family of animatronic crash test dummies as they begin to musically smash into themselves, the family reacting to disintegrating color code threat alerts on their home TV. In 'Home Automation' the robotic family's televisual trance turns into musical rhythmic metal.

In 2006, the Home Automation project was supported by Edward Albee, America's greatest living playwright.

In 2007, with 80,000+ spectators in attendance, and performing beside bands such as The Police, Tool, and The Flaming Lips, The Home Automation project is given one more chaotic upgrade : the addition of pyrotechnics. As the family of dummies watch rising color code threat alerts on their projected home TV, the scene turns into circuit breaking flames.


"While we understand that our leaders need a system of communication, we contest its experiment on the civilian population. We simply have no use for the color codes other than as an object of our fears."         -David Karave


Not a Brave New World

"Mayan prophecies, melting worlds, and terror fear are too fashionable. Y2K seems like it was a thousand years ago, forgotten. But prophecy can be self fulfilling, fear of science turns the world into a frightful place."

According to Karave, "We create the things that we're looking for. Nothing physically happened to you when you were packing in a hundred gallons of water or crouched in that homemade bomb shelter, surrounded by gas masks and canned goods, but mentally, your own personal apocalypse was assured."

SUCCESS! On January 27th, 2011, citing the people's wide disappreciation of the vagueness within the alert system, the US government declared an end to the color codes! I am proud to have been one of many artists whose voice was heard. Freedom, peace and liberty can prevail, if we want them all enough.


The Home Automation


Creator :
David Karave

Producer of the Montreal Debut :
Sophie Thouin

Video Artists :
Christopher Payne (aka Dr. Payne) and David Karave

Robo-Mechanics on Wrist Motion & Catapulting Couch :
Denis Petrushin
Foundry Artists :
Josh Dow and Lauren Holmgron

Graphic/Web Designers :
Jeffrey Hill and Kevin Pesenecker

Programmers :
David karave, Christopher Payne, and Alex Swanson

Robotic Art Advisors :
Simon Laroche and Martin Peach

Sound :
Alex Swanson and Elana Ruth

Sound Editor :
Nikola Markovic

Original music :
Helen Hall

Moulding & Casting Artists :
Chang Wan Wee and David Karave
Wax Cast Model for Mother Dummy :
Genevieve Ayotte
Master Carpenter, Montreal :
Marc-Andre Roy

Stagehands, Moving Crew, Painters, Carpenters :
Denis Petrushin
Sian Madoc-Jones
Mykhailo Himka
Owen Eric Wood
Jean-Sebastian Gauthier
Vera-Maria Zissis
Virginia Preston

Home Automation Crew, Bonnaroo Festival:
Sian Madoc-Jones
Colby Painter

Voice Actors :
David Karave
Christopher Payne
Doug Price
Valerie Politis
Jack Burke

Photographer :

In addition thank you to the following organisations and individuals who have saved me
in times of need:

Edward Albee, and the Edward Albee Foundation
CIAM : Centre Interdisciiplinaire des Arts Mediateque
General Dynamics Corporation
Denton ADT corporation
Cowper Inc
Kevin Pesenecker
Kathleen Seward
Samuel Alderson


Our hard work has created something so worthwhile, this project belongs not to me but to all of us, it is a candle in the dark, remember that the crash test baby just laughs at the TV, and with people like us, with hard work, and great art, the world is still ours,
Love has always, and will forever, overcome fear.

Peace and love, your friend always... David Karave