Chair Mountain (2012)

David Karave is currently in pre-production on a new 3 act absurdist film. The sci-fi script was pitched to filmmaker David Lynch, and was well received. The movie involves a girl's journey within a future world where people everywhere are becoming half object / half human. The movie will involve the use of a wide range of live action special effects, including optical printing, stop motion, pixilation and robotics.

More information to come as the project develops.

We are seeking investors.

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Home Automation, Writer/Director David Karave, (2005 & 2009).
Actors currently include Doug Price as the Telnet, Jack Burke (a 5 year old actor) as the child, James Ireland as the father, and M. Schick as the mother. Productions in Montreal at the S.A.T. (Quebec's premier new media arts venue), NY (at the Edward Albee Foundation), Tampa, Memphis (at the Powerhouse gallery), Manchester, TN for the Bonnaroo Festival, Denver, and Austin, TX for Art Outside and the Future Art Festival.

Brother Hebert, a play by Tommy Levrier. Also transformed from the theatre to the screen. Directed and Produced by David Karave, (2011)

An Austin, TX Frontera Festival production. A comedy about a preacher's jaw dropping anouncement, midway through a sermon, that he will return to his life as a jet pilot. The parishioners try to stop him at all costs, and this includes blocking the exits. They inally resort to holding him on their shoulders as a human jet, while he continues to preach.

'A small town shootout circa 2100 AD' Writer/Director David Karave, (2008).
A futuristic western stop motion animation short, with actors Sam Winn, Nathan Peloquin and an animatronic child.

Filmmaker David Lynch and the TM Meditation Movement, (2008).
Cinematography David Karave, Interviewer/Producer Scott Swordy. A documentary shot in Faifield, Iowa. Watch an 18 minute interview with David Lynch, from the film at :

'The Homecoming', by Harold Pinter, Directed by David Karave, (2002).
In an eerie world where everything is unsaid, and violence constantly rides just beneath the surface, an old man is visited by his son and daughter in law, with news of a wedding. But this groom's father, his brothers, and even his wife, begin to have other plans for her place in the family.

Dreamwalking, (2000), Written and Directed by David Karave, A full length feature, set in the modern slums of Troy, New York, the historic home of Uncle Sam ...

3 characters are trapped in a triangular dream world of art, the american dream, sex, death, cinema, and infidelity. Each character in turns tries to escape by becoming watching and listening lemons in a dark room called the theatre. However, in the end their only escape must come through death or isolation from the world.

This film was intially presented as a traditional cinematic experience, but will soon be transformed into a 3 screen installation. Each screen will represent the path of a character, giving the experience an added commentary on the ideas of time, cinema and death.

Humanity : Die Menschen, (1998). Staged Production, Greenwall Concert Hall, Bennington, VT. A play from 1918 by German Expressionist Walter Hasenclever, directed by David Karave. A cast of a dozen actors. A stage that was vertical, rather than horizontal; actors played out the scenes throughout 4 stories of staging. We chose to be faithful to German Expressionist abstract architecture. Expressionist techniques of pantomine, dream/nightmare states, and dramatic action symbology were carried out in this play. Set in asylums, hospitals and graveyards, and featuring a speaking severed head, Humanity is one of the most extreme German Expressionist plays ever written. The production was kept faithful to Humanity's abstract dream world.

Breath, Footfalls, and Catastrophe : 3 by Samuel Beckett, Directed by David Karave, (1998). Greenwall Concert Hall, Bennington, VT.

The Pain is Really Gone, (2004)

Written and Directed by David Karave. An animatronic robot ghost of a mother and baby speak in the most mundane every terms, in much contrast to the bleating and pulsating television that could be remote controling them.

Fear Gives Rise to the Illusion of Human Life, (2005)

Written and Directed by David Karave. A multimedia performance recorded and transformed into a singular cinematic show. A ghostlike lifesize plaster animatronic mother and baby are seen to perform through remote actuated sound and robotics. Stop Motion animation, reversed video, blue screen, and Robotics are combined to create this surrealist collage movie.

They perform in realtime before a blue screen, and the bluescreen is intermitently recorded and projected upon, video mixed with anxiety producing terror news footage. The baby appears and disappears as a ghost, through previously recorded stop motion animation video.

Eventually the terror news footage emanates from the ghost animatrons' heads, as in a trance.

Who Invented this? (Qui est l'inventeur?), (2005)

Written and Directed by David Karave. A collage video of ferocious newborn animals, news war footage, human sucking vacuums, mythical beasts, and sausage frying infomercials.

The Television That Sees , (2005)

The cinematic component of the Home Automation project, Written and Directed by David Karave.

A collage video of wartime news clips, color code alerts, pyschedlic melting faces, imaginary threats, 1000 frame per second crash test dummy footage, eyes, and shark faces. Created in collaboration with filmmaker Christopher Payne aka Doctor Payne of the Double Negative Film Collective.

The Church of Dance (2001)

An experimental visual collage of dancers and meditators, across many cultures, are compared, mixed and combined via blue screen and special effects. An elegy to experimental filmmaker and dancer Maya Deren.

Please see the HALLUCINATING link at the main page for a plethora of video clips from the above film/video productions and many others...