The Home Automation project has given sold out performances at festivals and galleries across the USA and Canda. We are currently seeking opportunities for performances in Europe.

Should you have an interest in booking a show for your gallery, festival or event, please be advised of the following :


Home Automation requires an intensive installation, 4 solid days solid of set up, and 1 day of strike. If several crew members are provided, the setup time can be decreased.

One performance can be made, nightly, of 30 minutes in duration. Every show there is some intentional destruction to the art itself which must be repaired, and therefore only one show per evening can be accommodated. Our crew does repair work immediately after shows and the following morning.

For outdoor shows, 9pm or any time later is a good time, as the show has a much better effect when the projected video can be seen in full brightness. When the crash dummies heads burst into flames, the effect is more intense. If there is a pause between musical acts, this would be a great time slot for Home Automation. Should Home Automation collaborate with fire performers or dancers, an hour block of entertainment would be feasible. Indoor gallery shows are non-pyrotechnic, and therefore can be scheduled at any hour.


Home Automation requires a small stage to be solidly built, 20'x6' in size, at a height of 10'' from the ground, with a border barricade or fence surrounding it. It also requires a wall or the construction of a fairly large projection screen, as seen in the Bonnaroo festival video (link). This stage may be built by the venue, or by the Home Automation team at added cost. Your venue must provide access from 4 days prior to the event, to at least two additional crew members, provided by David Karave or the venue.


Crashingart has production houses in Colorado, New York, and New England. If your venue is outside of these three general areas, a storage vehicle such as U-Haul must be rented. Alternatively, depending on our schedule you may catch us at a state near you. We are currently interested in european productions, which require shipment overseas and back.


Two separate 120V outlets. These lines must be running to seperate breakers. No exception can be made, as the electrical needs during the show are intense.


Home Automation has very successfully collaborated with fire performers and musicians, as in the Bonnaroo Festival, and the Art Against Fear festival.


At least one fire official must be present. Home Automation has a great track record of fire safety, as we have always worked very closely with fire officials. The Bonnaroo festival went off without a hitch, and the crowds for that show were in the range of 80,000 people.


Home Automation is a professional, long running art project with a reputation in the art world. With good press, the show has the ability to pull in crowds of individuals in the art and cinema worlds, who would not normally go to a festival for the music alone. Likewise, Home Automation has the ability to pull in a very diverse crowd for any art gallery. The power of Home Automation is in part, its uniquely cross disciplinary presentation, and its appeal to spectators across many art disciplines.

In terms of direct expense,every show there is some intentional destruction to the art itself which must be repaired. Transportation is usually via a rented cargo van. A stage must be constructed. Pneumatic, servo, sound, video and eletrical lines are installed and interfaced. Overall 4 days of set up are involved, any number of days for shows, and 1 day of strike.

For inquiries please contact David Karave at


David Karave has presented many lectures on the subjects including robotic art, the Home Automation project, technology and religion, MAX/MSP programming, interactive art, and new media art.

He has spoken at several universities including the Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Concordia University, and RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design).

Karave has also spoken at a number of galleries including the world renowned Powerhouse Gallery of Memphis, and Location One Gallery, Soho, New York City.

He has lectured for organisations such as the Centre Interdisciplinaire des Arts Mediateques (CIAM) and Dorkbot, a worldwide organisation of robotics and new media artists.

Presentations are dynamic, infusing projected images and video.

Please contact David Karave directly for questions regarding availability and lecture fees at