About David Karave ...

David Karave creates new cinemas. His most recent artworks combine cinema, robotics and pyrotechnics within one single, intensive showing. The subject of Karave's art include issues of propaganda, the nature of war, and the struggle for human autonomy.

David Karave studied Theatre during his undergraduate days in London, England and Bennington, Vermont. He then went on to receive his master's degree in fine arts [Robotic Art and Cinema] in Montreal, Quebec. 

Karave's performance artwork undertakes a simultaneous combination of artforms that places his art among the most unique artworks in the world today. Karave combines cinema with animatronic sculpture, soundscapes, music, theatre, and pyrotechnics.

Home Automation, Karave's most well known artwork, a multimedia project combining sculpture, fire, sound and animatronics, is a project that was created over a period of 4 years by more than 30 artists in the USA and Canda.

The Tampa Tribune called David Karave "a rising star in the artworld."


Show and Exposition History


Fear Gives Rise to the Illusion of Human Life,
a multimedia performance
2005, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

A ghostlike lifesize plaster animatronic mother and baby perform through remote actuated sound and robotics. They perform in realtime before a blue screen, and the bluescreen is intermitently recorded and projected upon, video mixed with anxiety producing terror news footage. The baby appears and disappears as a ghost, through previously recorded stop motion animation video. Eventually the terror news footage sounds emanate from the ghost animatrons heads, as in a séance.



Home Automation, a multimedia performance
2005, Societe Des Arts Technologiques, Montreal, Quebec

A family of lifesize animatronic aluminum crash test dummies are watching TV in their own living room, and are in turn watched by an audience. The family of dummies are arguing over the extent of preparations needed for a new cellar bomb shelter. The dummies speak of burying cans of food. The TV alerts the family to a raise in the color code threat alert status, and the dummies movements and voices become a frenzy. The child crash test dummy, Nevil Enin, is able to escape the chaos, living within his own naive imagination.

link : more info on the Home Automation project and the defense department crash test dummies that were used in its creation (links to Home Automation subpage of the main menu)



Home Automation
2006, The Edward Albee Foundation, Montauk, NY
Fellowship awarded by Edward Albee to create
a new multimedia performance.


Test B122211A, an installation
2007, The Powerhouse Gallery, Memphis, TN

Exhibition at this world renowned gallery, featured a new animatronic installation inside the Powerhouse Gallery's vast cellar space.


Home Automation, a pyrotechnic robotic art and multimedia performance
2007, The Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN

With 80,000+ spectators in attendance, and performing beside bands such as The Police, Tool, and The Flaming Lips, The Home Automation project is given another chaotic upgrade : the addition of pyrotechnics. As the animatronic dummies watch rising color code alerts on their projected home TV, the scene ignites into circuit breaking flames.


Karave has also created several experimental short films and one full length feature film

Of most recent note, is a full length fictional absurdist childrens' film, set in the future, called Chair Mountain. The script was pitched to film director David Lynch with positive response and will go into production in 2012/2013. For more info on this film project, and past experimental film productions, visit the film productions subpage

David Karave can be emailed via [david at-> crashingart.com]